Know Before You Go Travel

Stephanie Tehan Patterson

Stephanie is a published book author and travel columnist who is dedicated to helping travelers like you prepare for their trip. Know Before You Go Travel focuses on preparation and protocol that promotes smart and safe travel. You will know how to sidestep the pitfalls that can ruin your trip or cause financial hardship.

As a writer with Chris Elliott consumer advocacy (, and while in management at an international corporation, Stephanie has seen the countless challenges travelers have faced. Some were the typical bumps in the road that are to be expected with traveling, while others resulted from travelers who were unaware of the prerequisites needed.

Those of you who do not travel on a regular basis can find it especially difficult to keep up with all of the changes and regulations. Even the most seasoned travelers experience adversity while traveling.  Each airport, airline, and cruise line has its own set of rules, and every country has entry and exit requirements that need to be followed.

Stephanie’s newest release, Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad, will step you through the planning aspect that is key to a successful trip. Her professional background as the director of an international corporation includes writing travel books and corporate handbooks, and overseeing the travel department.

When not writing, Stephanie enjoys interior designing.

— Introduction —

Know Before You Go Travel

Traveling to an unknown destination is a great adventure. It opens the door for you to step outside your “box” and see the world from a new perspective. For that treasured amount of time, you get to leave behind the mundane and get transported into a whole new way of life and see sights that are beyond your expectations. Whether you choose to drive down the road or travel half-way across the world—a lasting imprint will remain.

But there is also the practical side of travel—getting through the exhaustive security measures at airports, entry/exit requirements of foreign countries, safety and health aspects from being exposed to new environments—and finally what your budget says you can afford.

You don’t have to let those “necessary evils” steal the excitement of your travels.  Oftentimes you spend two or more days just traveling to and from your destination and several days/weeks in preparation. This somewhat daunting part of travel can be made easy.

Stephanie’s book on travel, along with the up-to-date information available on this site, will prepare you for your journey—from planning where to go, how to save money and avoid unnecessary fees, packing, unusual lodging options, staying healthy and safe, insurance needs, and much more. It provides insight for those traveling with children, pets, health issues or disabilities, and for our honorable soldiers in the military.

The overall goal of this site is to help travelers like you have a standout trip by knowing what to plan for before you go.

— Published Books —

Know Before You Go:  Traveling the U.S. and Abroad – New Release – Editorial Review:  Awarded 5 Stars                                   

Living Life with a SmileGoose River Press

Potty Training Is Fun!  – Simon & Simon, Children’s Book – Illustrated by award-winning designer, Debra Strout – Awarded 5 Stars for “Readers’ Favorite”

Journeys of the Lost and Found  – Goose River Press Anthology 2012

A Travel Handbook: Traveling the U.S. and OverseasCo-author D’Ann Hamilton, The Croydon Group, Ltd. – For the Corporate Traveler

— Handbooks —

  • A Disaster Preparedness Manual
  • Safety Guidelines
  • A Key to Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • Traveling the U.S. and Overseas

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