Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad

Information before Destination

Before writing an article, Stephanie asks how she can benefit consumers or travelers by giving practical advice they would find relatable. 

On Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad, she identifies situations that people have been encumbered with when traveling. The focus is on preparation and protocol that promotes smart and safe travel.


Stephanie is a travel columnist for Consumer Rescue. She authored four books, the latest being a guide to travel. She was previously a writer for Elliott Consumer Advocacy.

Stephanie was in top-level management at an international organization with global membership. She has first-hand exposure to problems consumers and travelers face.

She is a  facility interior designer. 

Her relationship with vendors, contractors, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, and a diverse group of employees sharpened her negotiating skills and became the foundation of her appreciation for consumerism.

Based on difficulties corporate travelers were encountering, Stephanie wrote A Travel Handbook: Traveling the U.S. and Overseas to help them avoid the many pitfalls they had been experiencing.

When the organization built its new international headquarters, Stephanie was the designer and project manager. This experience became a valuable asset she could share with consumers and travelers as it involved problem-solving and conflict resolution. 


Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and see the world from a new perspective. You are transported into a new way of life as you leave the mundane behind. Whether you drive down the road or travel the world — the sights you see and the people you meet will impact your life.

But there’s also the practical side of travel — getting through burdensome security measures at airports, entry/exit requirements of foreign countries, safety and health aspects from being exposed to new environments—and finally, what your budget says you can afford.

You don’t have to let those necessary evils steal the excitement of your travels. You spend two or more days traveling to and from your destination and several days/weeks in preparation. This somewhat daunting task can become more pleasant.

Stepping outside the United States means parking what is familiar at the border and preparing for a new culture and set of standards.

The information on this site will prepare you for your journey — from planning where to go (including cruise, rail, and flight information), how to save money and avoid unnecessary fees, packing, unusual lodging options, staying healthy and safe, insurance needs, saving on airfare, and much more. It provides insight for those traveling with children, pets, health issues, or disabilities and for our honorable soldiers in the military.

You can enjoy an amazing trip by knowing what to plan for before you go.

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