Published Book by Stephanie Patterson

Know Before You Go: Traveling to the U.S. and Abroad

Cover Design by Debra Strout

Traveling to an unknown destination ignites our desire for adventure.  It opens the door for us to step outside our “box” and see the world from a new perspective. For that treasured amount of time, we leave the mundane behind and are transported to a new perspective on life with sights beyond our expectations.

But there is also the practical side of traveling—getting through the exhaustive security measures at airports, entry/exit requirements of foreign countries, safety and health aspects from being exposed to new environments—and finally what our budget says we can afford.

We don’t have to let those “necessary evils” steal the excitement of our travels.  Oftentimes we spend two or more days just traveling to and from our destination and several days/weeks in preparation. This somewhat daunting part of travel can be made easy.

You’ve proven you’re a savvy traveler by preparing for your travels in advance. Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad will help you. It is an all-inclusive resource to traveling in the U.S. and abroad — from planning where to go, how to save money and avoid unnecessary fees, packing, unusual lodging options, staying healthy and safe, traveling with your children or pets, insurance needs, and much more.  It goes beyond travel tips to travel specifics and includes information for those traveling with special health issues, disabilities, our honorable soldiers in the military, and more

You’ll learn how to sidestep the pitfalls and outsmart the “would be” thieves and scammers that may try to spoil your trip. And if your destiny is the beach, you’ll know how to spot threatening water conditions such as rip currents and how to escape them. This could save your life.

When you return home, you will be ready to start planning for your next exciting adventure!


— Editorial Review from Readers’ Favorite – Sarah Stuart, United Kingdom

“Traveling to an unknown destination ignites our desire for adventure.” Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad by Stephanie Patterson is designed to make those adventures easy to plan and ensure the reader is not the person left trying to cope with an impossible situation which, forearmed, they could have avoided. Also, what to have in place in case the unforeseeable happens and, in the worst case scenario, where to look for help. Know Before You Go is a comprehensive guide to traveling by land, sea, or air, which contains everything you’ve wondered “what if” or “how” about, and even more that you had no idea that you needed to know. Arranged in twenty chapters, each divided into titled sub-sections that enable fast reference, it is invaluable to all, but a must-read for anyone with disabilities, children, or pets.

Know Before You Go: Traveling the U.S. and Abroad was written for American citizens so I wondered how useful it might be to a UK reader. Dipping in for references is certainly possible, but I found it a fascinating book from start to finish; so much of it is applicable to all nationalities, from simple tips to previously unseen dangers. Turbulence in the air can cause a plane to drop several hundred feet without warning. Most of us know that, or have experienced it, but have you ever thought about the baby in your lap? Could you hold it or would it be thrown about the cabin like unsecured baggage? It’s a terrifying vision, but there is a very simple answer. Stephanie Patterson is to be congratulated for providing so much vital information in a reader-friendly style.”

This book has been awarded FIVE STARS for:

  • Appearance
  • Development
  • Marketability
  • Formatting
  • Overall Reading Experience




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