• Reduce Your Wait Time at Airport Security Checkpoints

    Updated on January 31, 2017: With the ever increasing lines at airport security checkpoints, travelers are becoming more frustrated with the lengthy delays. If you fly several times a year, you can reduce your wait time at security checkpoints in many airports throughout the U.S. This would involve becoming a member of the TSA Pre√®… Continue Reading

  • In Honor of our Veterans and Soldiers

    As a special tribute to our nation’s military veterans and the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces, we salute you and give you honor.  These fine individuals stand out from the crowd. They have become the pillars that support the many freedoms we now enjoy. These “unsung” heroes put their lives on… Continue Reading

  • How to Enjoy your Holiday Travel

    Traveling for the holidays can bring on a mix of emotions — from excitement to dread. You’re excited about seeing family and friends, but dreading the long lines at the airport, unexpected delays, and the possibility of inclement weather. Here are some suggestions on how to take the “dread” out of traveling. Planning your Flights:… Continue Reading

  • Air Travel with Children

    Traveling as a family is a rewarding and educational experience. Your kids will learn about geography, historical events, and be exposed to divergent cultures across the U.S. or abroad. There is nothing like reading about a battle, a famous landmark, or a historical event and then actually being able to see where it all happened… Continue Reading