• Traveling with Diabetes

    When traveling with diabetes, it will require some preplanning in order to have a successful and healthy trip. I’d like to see you enjoy your travels to the fullest. To help you do so, here are some travel tips, along with suggestions from the American Diabetes Association. Visit your Doctor A visit to your doctor… Continue Reading

  • A Trip in Vain

    A trip in vain is the terminology used to describe a trip that has become meaningless because of a flight delay or cancellation. If the sole purpose of your travel is to attend a meeting or a scheduled event, and a flight change causes you to be substantially late or miss it completely, your trip… Continue Reading

  • Renting and Driving a Car Abroad

    When renting a car abroad, it pays to educate yourself on how to be safe and avoid unnecessary expenses. You will be a foreign driver in a country that has its own set of laws and customs. And as a foreigner, if you are not prepared, you could also be subject to rental car scams… Continue Reading